The party season is almost upon us…yes, Christmas is on its way. We all love a night out with friends and colleagues, however, when the party comes to an end, the last song is played, you realise that it is time to make your way home.

We’ve put together some tips to ensure you don’t have to worry when the music stops and the lights are switched on.

Firstly, if you choose to drink alcohol then don’t drive – the message is simple – it’s never worth it. The penalties for drink driving could affect the rest of your life – imprisonment, fines, a driving ban and you could ruin some else’s life if you’re involved in a road traffic accident. For more information check out Drinkaware.

Here are five easy ways to ensure you get home safely.

  • Ask a family member or friend if they can pick you up at an agreed time and arrange a location which is accessible for both you and the driver.
  • Pre-arrange for a taxi to collect you, agree a pick-up spot and ensure they have your mobile number in case they can’t find you.
  • Is there someone in your group who is not drinking? Would they be happy to take you home? (You could offer to buy them a couple of non-alcoholic drinks as a way of saying thank you).
  • Planning on taking public transport? Check that the bus/train services operate at the time you planning to leave. Ensure you have the correct money, check if you can use your debit card.
  • Avoid walking through quiet areas or taking short-cuts. Stick to the main road where the lights are well lit, the roads are busy with cars and the pavements are streamed with pedestrians.

Our main message?

Have Fun. Stay Safe

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As the South West’s leading luxury chauffeur company, Cadbury Cars are taking unparalleled steps to ensure the safety of both our clients and our staff during the Coronavirus pandemic. Cadbury Cars are following all the government recommendations for transport providers to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Read more about our new safety measures and hygiene procedures for safer chauffeur-driven travel, that we have introduced in response to the global pandemic.