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By cadburycars, Feb 5 2018 09:32AM

Surprise Your Valentine
Surprise Your Valentine

Love it or hate it - Valentine's Day has become increasingly popular so we thought we'd share some Valentine's Day fascinating facts that may surprise you!

Fascinating Facts

An estimated 1 billion Valentine's cards are sent each year - making it the 2nd most popular occasion of the calendar year (Christmas is first).

The most popular gifts for Valentine's Day are jewellery, chocolate and flowers.

Are you planning to propose to your partner this Valentine's Day? Many partners think that this is a perfect day to pop the question. If this is you, think about what can you do to make it a fantastic surprise and a really special memory.

There are many different stories about the identify of St Valentine. One theory claims Valentine lived during Roman times. Emperor Claudius had decided that single men made better soldiers, so he had put a total ban on marriage. Valentine was secretly marrying couples which was against the law. When Valentine's secret was discovered, the emperor was fuming, and he arranged for Valentine to be beheaded!

Who remembers being at school and hearing the many variations of "roses are red, violets are blue…."? If you like to reminisce, here is the original nursery rhyme:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

The honey is sweet

So are you

We've had a go at creating our own version; we are not poets….

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Let our friendly chauffeurs

Make Valentines special for you

A Rose On Valentine's Day

Red roses are traditionally given on Valentine's Day because they indicate romantic love. If you are not keen on the colour red, how about an alternative such as white roses which symbolize true love, purity, innocence, reverence, humility, youthfulness and charm. Or you could give lovely pink roses which represent a "thank you."

Every lady who travels with us on Valentine's day receives a single red rose*

If you are planning a special day, or evening out with a loved one on Valentine's Day, our door to door chauffeur service can add that extra touch of luxury.

*Quote VA18 when booking in advance to make sure we know it's for a romantic evening.

By cadburycars, Jan 17 2018 01:50PM

At Cadbury Cars we pride ourselves on our professional business class chauffeur services. Every journey is tailored to the needs of the business and the passenger. Here is a snapshot of what to expect when booking your business journey with us.

Executive Chauffer Services for Business Travel infographic
Executive Chauffer Services for Business Travel infographic

By guest, Oct 3 2017 03:40PM

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